4 Organic Food Brands In India You Should Try


It’s a misconception that buying organic foods means you’ll have to pay more. With more brands understanding the need for cleaner and greener alternatives when it comes to food, there are a host of healthy, organic, eco-friendly and budget-friendly options you can choose from today.

All these brands are easily available in India, and at very good pricing too. You can buy them at your nearest supermarket, grocery store, or get them online from various e-commerce sites as well as in some cases, the brand’s own site.

4 Organic Food Brands In India That You Can Try

1. 24Mantra Organic – The brand has been around for a decade now, bringing healthier and more organic food options that are free from chemicals and pesticides. They work in collaboration with 15 states in India, and have a network of 20,000 farmers, spread across a total area of 1,00,000 acres of land, growing crops suited best to local climate and area, making it easier to grow, sustainable and budget-friendly. Their product line includes cereals, dals, flours, whole and powdered spices, pastes, oils, health foods, snacks, juices, breakfast items and more. Available in various retail outlets, their own website, Amazon, Godrej Nature’s Basket, EBay, Big Basket, Snap Deal and more.

2. Conscious Food – The brand started in the year 1990 and is one of the first ever organic brands in India. Most of their products come from organic farming communities and organic farms all across India. They also like to preserve and encourage farming practices such as crop rotation, intercropping as well as use of organic pesticides where needed. Their products are priced very reasonably and the line includes cereals, pulses, beverages, sweeteners, spices, seeds, oils, herbs, power snacks and more. Available at select retail outlets, their own website, Amazon, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Organic Shop, Infi Beam and more.

3. Dear Earth Organic – The brand came into being in 2013 when a leisure trip turned into an interesting opportunity to understand the importance of eating organic. They aim at creating a healthier, safer and more sustainable planet by creating foods that are free of pesticides or chemicals, help farmers grow safer produce without worrying how to sell them and also keep the environment and planet greener and cleaner. The products are very reasonably priced and the line includes pulses, rice, nuts, flours, cereals, sugar, oils, honey, seeds and more. Available on their own website, Amazon, Organic Shop, Goodness Store, Indian Organics Store and more.

4. Sanjeevani Organics – The brand collaborates with organic farmers all over India, and in addition to 24 organic farmer groups, it also works with 2354 farmers across the country. They aim at promoting organic farming to bring healthier food choices to their customers, as well as keep the environment safe and green. Their products are free of fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals and they employ traditional farming methods to ensure harmony. The products are reasonably priced and the line includes pulses, grains, spices, vegetables, sugar products, oils, breads, biscuits, pickles, spice mixes, cereals, dairy products and more. Available on Amazon, Live Organic, The Goodness Store, Pepper Fry, Health Kart and more.

I’ve tried the brand 24Mantra Organic, and really loved the same. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above or any other organic food brand available in India.

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