#EcoFriendlyShopping: 5 Amazing Indian Brands You Didn’t Know About


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In my quest to find out brands that are eco-friendly and focus towards sustainability, I’ve found out some amazing brands that I was not really aware of before. So here are some more amazing brands that are all eco-friendly and offer some wonderful products I’m sure you’d love to try out.

5 Eco-Friendly Indian Brands You Never Heard About


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1. Beeja – The brand began as a small experiment with a few village craftsmen in order to create products using sustainable methods and recycled products. They chose bamboo as their product of choice, and soon started using local fibre and other locally available natural products. Some of their products include furniture, stationary, lamps, trays and more. Visit them at beeja.co.in


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2. Saundhi Mitti – The concept involves making studio pottery items that are not available in most stores. The brand brings to you a range of interesting items that are made out of clay, ceramic and other eco-friendly materials. You can shop for mugs, bowls, dishes, plates, tableware, platters, vases, décor items, diffusers, tea light holders, bowls and more. Visit them at saundhimitti.com


3. No Nasties – Just like the name suggests, the brand believes in not using any nasty (or environment harming) materials in the products that it creates. It is a 100 percent organic clothing brand that aims at making you look and feel good, while taking care of the environment. They have a beautiful range of clothes for men and women, as well as some interesting accessories. Visit them at nonasties.in


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4. Forty Red Bangles – The beautiful name comes from an inspiration of the forty red and white bangles that owner Ramona wore when she got married. She took it as a sign of the past and the future, and wanted to create something that would resemble a marriage of the age-old and beautiful with the environment we live in. The brand creates organic clothing and accessories for women, organic clothing for kids, jewellery, natural candles, upcycled home items, handmade toys and more. Visit them at fortyredbangles.com


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5. Jungle Jewels – Yes, their materials actually come from the jungle, or nature, and all their jewellery is created with natural seeds or other materials sourced naturally from plants. In addition to using natural materials for their creations, they also use sustainable ways to produce and manufacture the same. Their collection includes neck pieces, ear rings and bracelets. You can buy the beautiful jewels here Jungle Jewel Wearable Wooden Grapes Black Necklaces for Women

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