Fleet Farming Turns Lawns Into Food (Saves Wastage)


If you’ve heard about the term ‘fleet farming’ you’re probably already aware how it is transforming home lawns into kitchen gardens in Orlando.

For those of you who’re reading about it for the first time, fleet farming is a concept that originated in Orlando and is now gaining immense popularity. It is a concept where people are transforming their lawns into kitchen gardens, thus using available soil for better use. Also, the produce that is grown is sold within a five mile radius, reducing transportation costs, fuel consumption and even food wastage.

Communities who have adopted the concept of fleet farming are growing local and seasonal produce, in an effort to keep it as fresh and clean as possible. There is zero use of pesticides and fertilizers and instead, people are using compost to add health to their plants and keep the pests away in a non-polluting way.

When you become a part of the fleet farming community, a volunteer bike rider picks up the produce from your home once a week, which is then sold at local farmers’ market and other such outlets within the recommended radius.

Those who have already joined hands as fleet farmers believe that it is important to grow food, not lawns. In fact, most people who are part of the fleet farming concept know nothing about farming at all! They give up a part of their lawns to volunteers who then show them how to grow kitchen plants in their lawns. People can choose to take over and grow the kitchen garden themselves, or let the volunteers do so. Once the produce is ready, a volunteer collects it each week and takes it to the organic market.

In Orlando itself, more than 250 residents want to convert their lawns into fleet farming farmlettes. What do you think? Given an opportunity, would you like to consider something like this? Would you be willing to give your garden, balcony or terrace space to grow kitchen produce?

Think about it 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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