Keep Your Home Cool (Eco-Wise And Budget-Wise)


This interesting and easy to try video talks about how you can make your roof eco-friendly and keep the heat out.

With the heat levels increasing and most Indian homes becoming humid and hot through most of the year, it is no wonder that our AC bills are always on the rise.

But instead of sweating it out or switching on the AC, there are a few smart ways that can help you bring down the level of heat in your home.

How do you do that?

You could create a white roof, which means that you coat it with white paint so that the heat gets reflected back to the atmosphere and the direct heat stays away from your roof, and your home.

Another method is to use a radiant barrier. It is a type of insulation device that will be installed under your roofing material. You can do it at the time you are building your home, or even if you are doing any renovations to your roof. Using a radiant barrier is also a great way to keep the direct heat away from your roof.

If you have a big tree outside your home, you can plan a window next to it to keep the sun out and let air in.

You could also add a blown-in insulation to your house as it will help to prevent the heat from seeping in through your walls. It is a method through which insulation product is blown in or sprayed into the cavities in your wall, in your attic and on the floor.

Image source: Stocksnap

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