Green Mamma: How I Taught My Toddler To Save Water

toddler water conservation

As a parent who likes to talk about living a greener and healthier life, I’m always trying to find out ways in which I can teach my kids about easy ways to go green. While my nine year old understands almost the entire concept, and looks for ways in which she can contribute, explaining it to my three year old is not always the same.

While I was practicing green parenting with my first born, I’m more hands-on with the younger one. One of the biggest environmental emergencies we’re facing on an immediate level is the lack of water and the severe draught that’s affected the rural as well as urban areas.

Saving water, conserving it and understanding its importance was something I knew I had to start teaching my toddler. I’m sharing a few tips on how I did it at home, and I’d love to get more ideas and tips from you. So let’s share!

1. Brushing With Care – Brushing is the first water-based activity of the day that my toddler does. To make sure she does not waste any water while brushing, I put the paste myself and then hand it to her. I let her brush in front of a big mirror first, then take over and brush her pearlies a little more, after which I help wash her at the sink. Each time we brush, I tell her to help me close the tap after every rinse, and she does that by pointing it out to me.

2. Small Tap ‘Yes’, Big Tap ‘No’ – I wanted to make her understand that she needs to open the tap slowly, but just saying it was not helping. Each time I opened the tap slowly and said ‘small tap,’ while nodding my head yes. Also, I would open the tap faster and tell her ‘big tap,’ shaking my head ‘no.’ Repeating the process each time while using the tap has taught her she needs to use the ‘small tap,’ which means she has to open the tap slowly.

3. Making Bucket Baths Fun – We did use tub baths for the kids, but with the shortage of water, switching to buckets was the first choice. To still make sure she enjoys her bath times, I fill the bucket with a little water and let her clean the bath toys. I then fill it a little more and take over, cleaning her and avoiding any water wastage.

4. Take Water From Home – I always carry water with me whenever I step out of the house, no matter how much the distance. The same applies to the kids too, and the younger one also remembers to carry her bottle. Not only does it give them easy access to clean drinking water, it also means I spend less on buying water (which is expensive).

5. Fill Half A Glass Instead Of Full – I noticed how much water we, and those at other tables end up wasting while eating out. The servers keep refilling the glasses, while we may or may not always need that much water. Instead of filling the entire glass, I’ve started asking them to fill it only halfway. We can always ask for more water as and when we need.

I’ve been trying these ways out and it has made a difference in the amount of water we waste (or don’t)! Trust me, the toddler has learnt it really easy and I realized it’s always easier to start teaching them early.

If you’re a parent who believes in green parenting, do tell us how you’re teaching it to your kids, so that we can share it with our readers and proudly show off our real planet saver – YOU!

Image Source: Pixabay

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