Green Mamma: No Diapers (Real Potty Training Tips)

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Before I even ask you to think about decreasing diaper use, here’s a quick look at what’s inside your baby’s diaper (that’s more harmful and disgusting than the poop!) and why ditching the diaper could be a good idea.

Harmful Substances In Disposable Diapers

Okay, so I’m not saying that all this will surely happen, but yes, most diaper brands do contain these chemicals.

1. Dioxins – Most diapers are bleached with chlorine, which sometimes leave behind traces of dioxins in the diapers. These pollutants can cause immunity issues, hormonal interference, some types of cancers, as well as get mixed up with the various water sources in the environment, creating a chain of further damage.

2. Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP) – The line in the center of the diaper that holds the liquid is made of SAP, and can cause skin irritation, as well as result in Toxic Shock Syndrome in severe cases.

3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – Most diapers release VOCs such as xylene, toluene and more, which can lead to immunity problems as well as neurological issues.

4. Are Not Biodegradable – It may seem a good thing that your baby’s diaper is strong enough to hold all the poop and spill and still not disintegrate, but once it reaches the dump yard, it’s not such a good idea after all. Did you know that a single disposable diaper could take as long as 500 years to completely break down and disintegrate? It means we are leaving behind an earth full of poopy diapers for so many of our generations to walk on.

What You Could Do – Easy Potty Training Tips

While most people suggest switching to cleaner and greener diapers and creating them at home (we’ll tell you how you can do that too, as well as green buying choices), as a mother myself, getting them potty trained early was what worked best for my babies. My elder daughter was potty trained by the time she was about 22 months old (1 year and 10 months to be exact), but I wanted to make it faster with my younger one. And yes, the second time round, I did manage to potty train her by the time she was 15 months old. Here’s how I did it.

1. I first bought a kiddie potty seat that you place on the floor to get your baby used to the concept of a toilet seat, but she hated it. Since she was resistant to this one, I switched it for a regular potty seat that fits on the adult toilet. I placed it in the washroom so that she could see it every day.

2. Once she was about 11 months old, I started taking her to the washroom at regular intervals. I would hold her over the potty seat in a sitting position, start giving her a signal to help her pee, sometimes she did and sometimes she didn’t. It was the first step to help her understand where she needs to go when she wants to pee or poop. It was also the first thing I did with her when she woke up in the morning and after each nap and the last thing before she went to bed.

3. Till now I did not use the potty seat, but kept it in plain sight so that she would get comfortable. By the time she was 13 months old, she started sitting on it. As it was something she had seen for some time in the washroom, it did not scare her off. While she would be on the seat, I would teach her poems and talk to her. It helped her feel comfortable and safe.

4. Soon she started pointing to the washroom each time she needed to pee or poop. And my baby would use the signal we created even when we were outside the house (you can create your own by making a specific sound that your baby will associate with poop or pee time). By the time she turned 2, she absolutely refused to wear a diaper.

It does take time to help your baby get off the diaper, but if you’re willing to spend a little time and effort, your baby will soon get the cues and take it further from there. Of course diapers are a major threat to the environment, but in addition, they’re also not very good for your baby’s skin (no matter what the brands make us believe). If you are willing, do give this a shot.

And mommies and daddies, if you’ve helped your baby get out of the diaper, I’ll ask you to share your tips and magic ideas here.

Image Source: Pexels

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