Green Mamma: Eco-Friendly Diaper Alternatives In India


By now you must have read that it takes about 500 years for one diaper to completely degrade and disappear off the face of the earth. Bring into that the thought that your baby probably uses at least six to eight diapers through the day, in the first one or two years of life, and the total amount of accumulated waste diapers that are waiting out there to decompose looks scary. And more seriously, here are some dangerous facts about diapers you may not be aware of.

Thankfully, there are some brands which are rising up to this immediate necessity – that of going green and finding out more ecologically balanced and sustainable solutions for our everyday needs. If you want to try some better alternatives to the regular diaper, that will keep your baby dry and happy as well as be good for the environment, here are some brands you may like to try out.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Diaper Brands Available In India

1. Bumberry

The cutely named brand uses the following tagline, which will tell you a lot about their initiative – ‘A brand for mothers who care for generations to come.’ Their reusable diapers are extremely budget friendly, and you will spend somewhere around INR 3500 in all, for almost two and a half years’ worth of their diapers (compare this to the almost INR 50,000 that you will spend on the disposable diapers). And not just that, you can also reuse these diapers for your next baby! The diapers are very easy to clean. If your baby poops, you can easily get it off the fleece material. In case the stains are still there, you can wipe it with cloth or cotton, and clean as you would clean regular clothes. The waterproof inserts are made of natural bamboo fibers and are extremely soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. You can check their products at

2. Flip

The brand has a bunch of inserts that you can add in your baby’s regular cloth nappies. The inserts are made of organic cotton, which will absorb some amount of urine and encourage early potty training, as your baby will be able to feel the moisture. It also comes with a cover so that you can help your baby wear it similarly like a diaper. Their natural cloth diapers can also be adjusted to size, so that your baby can wear them from the early months to a few years. You can buy them online at sites such as Smart Baby, Amazon and more.

3. Easy Feel

The brand mainly provides cloth inserts made out of natural bamboo cotton fabric that you can insert in your baby’s cloth reusable diaper or nappy. The inserts are also great for very young babies and those who urinate frequently. They are purely organic, antimicrobial and are also highly breathable. The inserts are not very expensive and as they can be reused, they are a good value for money. You can buy their products online on sites such as Amazon, My Baby Cart, Snap Deal and more.

4. Cute Patoots

While this brand is from the US, it is easily available in India through various online shopping sites, including Amazon. The inserts are made of organic hemp and cotton which help to absorb the wetness and keep your baby dry and comfortable. The inserts also have antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which helps to prevent any odour as well as rashes. Even though this brand is a little more expensive than the rest, it is a good alternative to disposable diapers, as it can be reused.

If you’ve already tried out any of the above brands for your baby, do tell our readers how it worked and whether or not you would recommend it. If you know of any other brands that can be a good alternative for disposable diapers, do share about it in the comments 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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