#GreenMamma: How I Stopped Using Wipes And Diapers For My Toddler


It’s been quite a long time now that my younger one is absolutely potty trained. In fact, she was weaned off the diaper by the time she was 15 months, and honestly, a little patience, planning and practice helped me potty train her easily. With my focus being on creating less waste less and also to reduce the use of chemical laden products, I was consciously trying to stop using wipes and diapers for my toddler.

Now, finally, we have absolutely stopped using any wipes and diapers, and my younger one is yet to turn three. As a mother who is used to the modern day convenient way of parenting, where diapers and wipes are targeted at making motherhood easier, I’m happy to say that it was not such a difficult experience switching off these products, and you can try it out too.

How I Stopped Using Wipes For My Toddler

Well, honestly, using wipes was one of the easiest and most sought-after help I used to try out as a mother. But I was not really too happy about it, as apart from the fact that it was creating a lot of waste and was an expensive habit, the ingredients in disposable wipes are not really good for anyone, let alone a baby. So I really wanted to stop. Finally, after trying it over and over again and giving it time, here’s how it happened:

  1. I did not suddenly stop using wipes for my baby. Instead, I started buying a smaller pack and would keep it only for emergencies. For regular use, I started keeping a bunch of soft cotton handkerchiefs with me at all times. Using a soft cotton handkerchief is also great for times when she has a runny nose.
  2. I also always kept and keep a bottle of water with me at all times. Whenever needed, I slightly dampen the handkerchief and use it to wipe her face or hands. It also helps to instantly remove any sudden food spills she may make on her dress.
  3. For all those washroom trips where you need to clean up baby, most malls have clean toilets where you can help clean your little one with water. While ads make us believe that using a wipe is best for your little one’s skin, the truth is that they contain preservatives and other ingredients that can harm the very sensitive skin of your baby. Nothing is as gentle and pure as regular clean water.

How I Stopped Using Diapers For My Toddler

I’ve done a detailed post on how I potty trained my toddler and trust me, it was really really easy. Here are some of the tips I have shared there in detail:

  1. I stopped putting her in a diaper through the day and instead started taking her to the bathroom at regular intervals. I would also constantly show her the potty seat to help her understand what it was meant for.
  2. Soon there was a regular schedule when she needed to use the bathroom. I taught her a signal word so that she could let me know she needed to go to the bathroom. I also helped her pee before going to bed, and would take her to the bathroom once or twice in the middle of her sleep at night too.
  3. Of course there were times when she would not be able to tell me in time, and you have to be prepared for accidental spills. During the training phase, I still used to put her in a diaper while going out. But now that she is absolutely trained, we have stopped using the diaper completely, and in fact, she herself refuses to wear it.

If you are still not sure about giving up on diapers all together, you can check out these eco-friendly alternatives to diapers that are available in India.

Most of us have grown up in an era when our parents did not have access to wipes and diapers, and we did just fine. Once we can look past the marketing mantras and try these easy tips to make the switch, it is not so difficult to completely stop the use of wipes and diapers.

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