Green Mamma: Packing A No Waste School Lunch


Each morning, one of the biggest tasks you face as a mom to a school going child is packing the school lunch. I know all about it, as I have two young ones, both rushing to school at the same early morning hour that I still find too early to pack a lunch properly.

I’ll be honest. In the past, I’ve tried to resort to easy and quick ways to pack a lunch and send my older one to school. But over the years I’ve realized it’s just not worth the effort. And now that we are trying to find ways in which to make greener and naturally balanced choices, the need to cut wastage is even stronger.

To be honest, there are some very simple and smart ways in which you can reduce the waste that is created each day with a school lunch. With so much plastic junk piling up already, let’s see what out of these we can actually try out.

1. Use Cloth Wraps Instead Of Plastic Lunch Boxes – A great alternative to using a plastic school lunch box is to wrap your child’s lunch in a cloth wrap for food. Made out of cotton, they come with a waterproof liner that will keep your child’s food fresh for a longer duration. You can use these to wrap sandwiches, dry snacks and similar food items, and your child can also use it as a table mat while eating. As these are reusable and safe to pack lunches in, you can simply wash them and dry overnight, to use again in the morning. Search for a brand called Keep Leaf on a site called Lucky Vitamin.

2. Send Cloth Napkins Instead Of Tissues – This is something we can easily follow on a daily basis. When you pack your child’s lunch, add a freshly washed cloth napkin instead of placing a few tissues. Your child can reuse the cloth napkin, saving money as well as not create any waste.

3. Recycled Bags – If you are interested in taking the no waste initiative a little further, you could also look for recycled bags in which you can send your child’s lunch and school items. There are various brands in India that sell fashionable and very reasonably priced bags that are made out of recycled items, such as used plastic bags that are not biodegradable. Check for brands such as Rag Bag, Conserve India on their own site.

4. Non Plastic Water Bottle – We already told you about some really stylish bottles that are available these days, thanks to brands such as Mitticool, Good Earth and more. Try buying water bottles made of aluminium, stainless steel and such. For older children, you can try the clay water bottles but avoid giving it to younger children.

While we encourage green living, do remember that our children learn from our actions and it is very easy to start them on a good habit at an early age. Try these out and if you are already doing something that will cut the wastage while packing a school lunch, please share in your ideas in the comments below!

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