#ConserveWaterMonth 3 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Hacks To Try Right Now


We all know that switching off the tap is the easiest way to save water in the bathroom. Add to that a quick, easy and cost effective DIY to make your own cleaning supplies, and you are pretty much on your way to an eco-friendly bathroom.

Well, if you did any of that, a big pat on the back from us.

But one second, if you’d like to do a little bit more and save some more water (and money too), then here are some quick hacks you could try in the bathroom that are super smart and easy to follow.

1. Dye The Water In The Flush Tank – Many of us have leaky flush tanks that keep leaking water into the toilet bowl. The sad part is that you may never even realize that it’s happening, and end up wasting a lot of water in the process. An easy solution is to add a few drops of dye in the flush tank. If the water does leak into the toilet bowl, it will leave behind a faint stain and you will know when to repair it.

2. Shake Off Excess Water – If you’re going to use tissue paper to dry your hands in your bathroom or anywhere else, shake off the excess water first. It will help to reduce the amount of water you have on your hand, and you will need lesser paper as compared to when your hands are really wet.

3. Shave With The Plug On – When you’re going to shave, plug the sink so that the water stays in the sink and does not go to waste. You can dip your razor in the water to clean it while in use. Once you have finished shaving, take out the plug and clean the razor under the tap.

These were some of the easiest tips we could share with you that will help you save water right away, say, within minutes of reading this and your next visit to the bathroom! And while you’re there, if you have a brainwave and come up with another idea, please come back and share it with us in the comments here!

Image source: Pixabay

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