No Excuses. Save Water In These 6 Easy Ways


Water is a precious resource that is quickly becoming a scarcity. With water cuts taking place all over the city, it is about time we started conserving water.

Here are some easy ways that you can sue at home to save water and have a lot more to use.

1. Don’t Flush Unless Needed – When you flush, your toilet sends up to 20 liters of water (depending on your toilet type) down the drain. One of the easiest ways to conserve water is to avoid flushing unless absolutely necessary. While this may seem an icky idea, it will save a lot of water. Alternatively, you could re-use water (from your AC) to flush the toilet.

2. Bucket Bath Versus Shower – On an average, we use about 50 liters of water when taking a shower. In contrast, a bucket bath uses about 20 to 30 litres, which means you save some in the bargain.

3. Use Recycled Water For Plants – Water that drips from your air conditioner, water you have used to wash vegetables or even water that you have stored in water bottles but may not drink can be reused to water your plants.

4. Turn Off The Tap When Brushing Or Shaving – It’s a simple piece of advice that you’ve probably heard from your parents too. Turning off the tap while brushing and,or shaving can save a lot of water. Turn it on when you need to rinse and you would have done a good turn to the environment.

5. Wash Vegetables And Fruits In Stored Water, Not Running Water: A great way to conserve water and wash your vegetables well is to do so in a small tub or a small bucket of water. This is better than washing them under running water as it allows the veggies to soak in the water, softening any adhered mud. It makes it easier to wash and you can reuse the water too.

6. Don’t Discard Bottled Water: We’ve all done this – picked up a bottle of water that has been unused for a few days and thrown away the water. Instead of throwing it, you can reuse that water for something else, such as pour it into your flush tanks or use it to water your plants.

Conserving water is actually quite easy. All we have to do is think of the best way to reuse materials that otherwise feel like a waste.

Image source: Pexels

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