Simple Jugaad To Save Upto 2 Litres Of Water While Flushing

Water Bottle

An average person flushes the toilet four to five times a day. Most toilets use around 15 litres of water per flush. For a city of one lakh people, it means about 15 lakh litres of water used a day for just flushing down the toilet – that’s a lot of water.

If you want to reduce the wastage, there are a few ways that can help you reduce water consumption in the toilet. While you may know the most common ways to reduce water usage in the bathroom, there is one simple hack that will not cost you anything and yet save you around a litre or two per flush.


All you need is an old plastic bottle and a few pebbles or tiny rocks or something heavy that can be inserted inside the bottle. Fill the bottle with water and place the pebbles inside. Tightly screw the bottle cap. Open the top cover of your cistern (toilet flush tank) and place the bottle at the bottom of the tank inside the water. If the bottle doesn’t sink in the water, insert a few more pebbles or something heavy in the bottle. Close the cistern cover and flush to check the bottle doesn’t interfere with the flushing device inside.

Putting the bottle inside the tank will effectively reduce the quantity of water available in the tank. The bigger the bottle, the more you save – make sure your cistern can accommodate a bigger bottle. If your cistern is small, you can put more than one small bottle. Isn’t it a simple trick to save water?

*Please note that this method is applicable for a regular 15 to 20 litre single flush tank and most dual flush low flow ones won’t have space to accommodate bottles.

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

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