#ConserveWaterMonth 20 Ways I Save Water In My Everyday Routine


I have always been conscious about using water with restraint, but the recent drought in Maharashtra and the way it affected me and my family (of course I heard stories and news about how so many people were affected in much worse ways than me, but the reality hit right home when it happened to us too) made me sit up and think that it IS TIME we start thinking about conserving water. Water is probably one of the most important elements we need to survive, other than clean air, and sadly, none of these are available in free supply to be used forever. They have to be used sensibly, they have to be saved and conserved, only then will we and our coming generations be able to survive. Instead of asking you to do a lot, I am sharing the 20 ways in which I save water in my everyday routine. Every tip is really easy to follow, which is why I do it basically, and I’m sure you’ll find at least a few things that you too can try. It’s time we started, don’t you think?

  1. Wear more denims and wash them less (it’s true that you get more wear time out of denims without washing them as compared to other fabrics).
  2. If you like taking a shower instead of a bucket bath, create a shower playlist to help switch off your tap or shower once the songs stop. Also, place an empty bucket to hold the excess water that falls off. You can reuse it to water the plants or wash the car.
  3. Do the toilet leak test by adding a drop of coloured liquid in your flush tank to check if there are any leaks
  4. Fix that dripping tap by calling the plumber or do it at home with some basic tools you can get at the hardware store
  5. Get plants that consume less water – I did have cacti earlier but currently don’t have plants due to my baby.
  6. Instead of taking multiple showers, bathe once in the day and anytime you need, wet a towel and clean yourself with it, instead of taking a proper bath all over again
  7. Turn off the water while soaping, shaving, brushing etc
  8. Add a small pipe to your AC’s outlet and collect the water in a bucket to reuse it (for watering plants, mopping the floor and so on)
  9. Place a bucket on your balcony or roof to collect the rainwater
  10. Wash your vegetables and fruits in a big pan of water and reuse the water for washing clothes, cleaning dishes, flushing, or mopping the floor
  11. If possible, reuse your used pans and pots while you cook, instead of using a new utensil each time through the day
  12. Let your used clothes pile up till you have a full load of clothes to put in the washing machine, instead of running multiple loads that waste the same amount of water even with less clothes.
  13. Use the old style bucket and mug concept to water your plants instead of using a regular hose. If you do want to use a pipe or hose, get one that works on less flow and does not waste water.
  14. If you have a garden setup, spread mulch around your plants to avoid the growth of weed, and also to hold more moisture in the soil even with lesser watering.
  15. Water your plants early morning, preferably before the sun rises, or in the evening around dusk, when the sun is about to set. It will prevent the water from evaporating and require lesser water as compared to watering in the middle of the day when heat is at its peak.
  16. A low flow showerhead in the bathroom will save water and reduce your electricity bills if you are using an electric heating system.
  17. If you use a bathtub, don’t drain out the water but use it to water your plants instead.
  18. Plug on the sink while you shave and use the water to clean your razor. Once done, drain it out.
  19. Instead of holding frozen foods under running water to thaw, take them out of the freezer and place in the fridge overnight, or use the defrost or thaw mode in your microwave.
  20. Use the toilet only for your toilet needs and not to dispose any other garbage. Flush when required, and sometimes, if you are okay with it, use the toilet two or three times before flushing it again.

These were some of the tips to save water that I follow myself. If you have any other tips you have tried out and think can help to save water, do write it in the comments below.

Image source: Pixabay

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