#ConserveWaterMonth 5 Books That Show A Scary World Without Water


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Scary isn’t it? What if what we take for granted today – water – would really vanish off the face of the earth tomorrow? What if, instead of coming into our homes in a steady supply, it only remained in a very few spots around the world, and only those who could fight for it and claim that remaining water body would be able to have some access to water for some time, before that too got drained out? Sounds too fictional? It’s possible. In fact, the disappearance of water has already begun, and if you still don’t get it, as to why it is important to save and preserve water, these books will show you how a world without water actually can be.


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The book shares two stories about two kids who are both 11 years old – a boy (from the year 1985) and a girl (from the year 2008) in Sudan. In his story, the boy becomes a lost boy who has to travel across the continent of Africa by foot in a search for his family and a safe place, enduring every possible hardship. In her story, the girl has to travel twice a day from her home to a pond that is a two hours’ walk away, so that she can fetch some water. Both the stories come together in a beautiful and heart-touching way.


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This is a non-fiction book that shows how the sudden explosion in population has resulted in a dwindling of water availability. One out of five people live in an area where water demand has way gone over water supply, whereas one out of every seven people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. Not just scarcity of drinking, a lack of water also brings about severe climate change that can really threaten human existence – all shown in detail in the book.


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3. THE WATER CRISIS By Cameron Stracher

The story is set in a period of time when water is almost non-existent on the planet, and millions have already died due to dehydration, hunger and other diseases. All rivers are dry, and the polar caps have already melted, and whatever little drinking water is left in the world is controlled by those who have some power. Wasting water merits a heavy fine, even imprisonment. In these times, the protagonist finds a cup of water and dares to drink it. What happens next?


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4. NOT A DROP TO DRINK By Mindy McGinnis

The story is yet again set in a dystopian world where there is no water on the planet, and if you want any, you have to defend the very few last remaining water bodies that are left. The protagonist, a young girl, lives with her mother near one such small water body, and every day is only about defending the same, keeping a constant watch and fighting and killing off anyone who tries to come near. There is hardly any population left, with most people dead with dehydration. One night, the girl sees smoke rising very near, which can only mean something – someone or a group is coming near, to lay claim to her water.


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5. THE WATER KNIFE By Paolo Bacigalupi

The story is a gripping real world situation where water has dried up, and cities have all dried up. The characters in the story understand why this has happened, and that climate change is the reason all this is happening, but talking about this is beyond the point by this time when the story is set. The world has turned into a battleground, with people taking sides with those who have access to water, or can help defend water for them.

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