#ConserveWaterMonth 5 Beauty Hacks To Save Water


Yes we are celebrating the #ConserveWaterMonth and as part of the same, we want to try out various simple ways in which we can save water as part of our everyday routine. So today, I’m going to share some very simple and practical hacks to save water, that you can easily try and that are super effective too.

1. Use A Damp Handkerchief Instead Of Washing Each Time – Try to keep a damp handkerchief with you so that you can lightly dab your face with it each time you feel you want to clean your face. Sometimes, all you need is to feel a little refreshed, and patting your face lightly with a damp handkerchief can do the trick.

2. Use Lacto Calamine To Remove Makeup – Yes, the very traditional moisturising lotion, Lacto Calamine, is a wonderful natural makeup remover. All you have to do is apply a little bit around your face and keep massaging with your hands. All the products from your face will come off easily, and if you wish you can wipe your face with the damp handkerchief.

3. Use Baby Powder To Clean Greasy Hair – Instead of using your shampoo each time your hair feels greasy, use this clever beauty trick that will keep your hair look clean. Take a bit of baby powder in your palms and massage it into your roots. Do this especially around the greasy areas.

4. Tie Your Hair In A Loose Bun Overnight – Sleeping with your hair open can create lots of tangles, which will not only damage your hair, but make you use more hair controlling products, which requires a lot of washing up too. An easy and cheap trick to manage frizz and fight breakage is to tie your hair in a loose bun when you sleep. Open it up in the morning to get naturally beautiful wavy hair.

5. Use Oils At Least Once A Week – Yes, oiling your hair and body once a week will ensure that your skin and your hair are in good condition and are properly nourished. It will also help you use less products, which helps save money and also helps save water, as you will have less products to wash off!

Image source: Pixabay

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