#ConserveWaterMonth Let Your Tap And Showerhead Save You Water


Aerated Faucets – 50 Percent Air, 50 Percent Water. Image Source – Pixabay.

Did you know that your routine acts such as washing hands, brushing teeth and shaving can consume around 15 to 30 litres of water per person in a day? And here’s the big number – standard showers consume around 10 litres of water per minute! If you do agree it’s a lot of water being wasted, you can reduce all these by replacing them with low-flow fixtures and pressure reducers.

What Is A Low Flow Fixture?

A low flow showerhead or faucet (tap) is designed to consume less water per minute while providing sufficient pressure. Some have aerators that mix air with the water and provide a misty (‘foam flow’) water flow. It helps to reduce water use by providing a larger overall volume.

How Much Water Can I Save?

A low flow showerhead will bring down water consumption to 4 to 6 litres per minute from around 10 litres per minute. A low-flow tap with aerator will easily reduce consumption by around 50 percent. For a family of four, you can save about a full tank of water in a couple of days.

What Is A Pressure Reducer?

If you live in a building that has a couple of floors above you, most likely the water in your pipes flows at a higher pressure or a faster pace. Higher pressure and faster flow means that more water goes down the drain even when you open the tap to just wash your hands. In that case, you can attach pressure reducers to your supply line or individually on taps.  

Will The Amount Of Water Saved Really Make That Much Of A Difference?

Fresh water is scarce. One in seven Indians doesn’t have access to clean water. Since water is cheap, cutting down on its use won’t make much of a difference in terms of money, but it will make a huge difference to those who do not get water. If you have ever faced water shortage, you will know that it means a lot.

Is It Too Cumbersome To Make The Change?

Changing the tap or showerhead can be done by hand if you are good with tools. A professional plumber can do this in a few minutes. Individual pressure reducers are a simple plug-n-play and you’ll be able to do it yourself.

How Much Will I Have To Pay?

Low flow fixtures are often same or slightly higher in costs than normal ones. A low flow faucet and showerhead would cost around INR 1000 each. An individual pressure reducer is cheap, you can get one for a hundred bucks at your nearest plumbing store.

What Brands Or Types Should I Go For?

Almost all popular plumbing brands such as Parryware, Hindware, Roca, Kohler, Ark, etc have low flow fixtures. Look for the specifications to find out exactly how much litres of water it consumes in a minute.

What If I Don’t Want To Make The Switch Right Now? Is There Still A Way I Can Work Around It And Save Water?

If changing fixtures is not an option for you, make small everyday changes such as opening the tap as much as required, closing it as soon as possible, taking quicker showers etc. You can also reuse bath and washing water for flushing. Avoid rain showerheads, bathtubs and other fancy water gadgets as much as possible.

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