DIY Diaries: Automatic Drip Irrigation System

drip irrigation

If you’re someone who loves having plants around the house but doesn’t have the time to water them, we might have a solution for that – creating a drip irrigation system using the water that drips out of your air conditioner! All you need is a pipe which is long enough to run along the length of your pots, a pin, tape to seal off the pipe, a candle and a match box.

Interested? Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Take a length of pipe that will run along the sides of all your pots. Make holes in the pipe at intervals where it lies over your pot, using the pin. To make the process easy you can heat the needle and use it to pierce the pipe.

Step 2: Connect it to your air conditioner outlet and use the tape to avoid any leakages. Next, seal off the end of the pipe with the tape. Alternatively, you could collect any excess run-off water in a closed container and use it for other purposes too.

Step 3: Switch on your AC.

And voila! Your automatic drip irrigation system is ready. So basically, the water dripping out of your air conditioner will irrigate your plants. Even if you are home for a few hours in the day and run your air conditioner for those few hours, your plants will receive enough water to tide them through an entire day without you.

Do Remember

1. Check to see that water is dripping out of the holes you have made in the pipe. You can enlarge the holes if you feel your plant needs more water.

2. If you have plants that require a greater than normal amount of water to function, you could put them at the end of the pipe leaving it open, such that the water drains into the pot.

Image source: Pixabay

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