DIY Diaries: Making A Rain Barrel To Collect Rain Water

rain water barrel

There are many rainwater harvesting barrels that are available in some areas, but if you haven’t seen any in your area, or if you would rather make it on your own, we do have some DIY ideas that could help.

Making your rain water harvesting barrel will not just let you use the precious rain water for good use, but it will also reduce your water bills and be a great budget option. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Get a big barrel with two screw plugs at the top, or at the end. You can often find them at your local hardware store, and some barrels are also available online, such as on Amazon. Another place you could scout for a big barrel is any local food or water distributor.

2. Some other items that you will need once you have got the barrel are as follows – a drill, a silicone caulk, a large adjustable wrench, a long screw driver, a 1” forstner bit (to help make the holes), a 4” hole saw and a barrel plug wrench. You will also need a 1” washer, a 3/4” black iron 90 degree elbow, a 2”X3” flexible downspout adapter (if you don’t find this you can use a 4” round downspout), a ¾” brass hose bib and a 3/4" MHT X 3/4” MIP X 1/2 “ MP brass adapter. While all this may sound too technical, most of these are easily available at local hardware stores or plumbing stores.

3. For the first hole, use the 1” Forstner bit to make a hole about 4 inches high from the bottom of the barrel on the side wall. It will help it line up with the barrel plug. You will use this hole for the spout. To make the second hole, turn the barrel about 1/4 th from the previous position and make the hole about 4 inches from the top, towards the side wall. You will use this hole for the overflow adapter. For the third hole, use the 4” hole saw and make a hole at the top on the back.

4. Now take the brass adapter piece and insert it in the 1” hole you made at the top of the barrel. Thread the pipe thread end as close to a horizontal position as you can. Tighten the adapter with the help of the adjustable wrench. Spread the silicone caulk on the washer and put it on the hose bib so that caulk is facing the barrel.

5. Now place the barrel upside down. Remove the screw plug which is closest to the 1”spout hole in the barrel. Insert the black iron 90 degree elbow in the plug hole in such a way that you can see the threads from outside and it lines up with the spout hole.

6. Twist the hose bib in place by holding the hose bib and the 90 degree elbow fitting tightly. Tighten all the fittings and clean any excess silicone that may have spilled. Now add the flexible down spout adapter on the top of the barrel to complete your rain water barrel.

The tips taken here are thanks to the instructions mentioned here. If you have created a rain barrel yourself, we’d love to see and share the images and instructions!

Image Source: Freeimages

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