Dual Flush On A Budget #SaveWater

Dual flush PVC

Dual Flush

If you think the fancy cisterns having dual flushes are expensive, you are not entirely right. The dual flush cisterns which have a choice of how much water to flow often come in the ceramic one-pieces. Now, if you have always wanted to save water but you are a lesser mortal like me, a ceramic one-piece WC has probably never been in your budget. The good news is that now dual flush PVC cisterns are available and they cost just around a thousand rupees, unlike the ceramic one-piece ones which start around 8000 INR. With these, you don’t even have to replace your entire setup.

Will It Fit My Existing WC?

Yes, this is for most old style setups which have a ceramic commode and a PVC cistern separated by a pipe. You will be replacing the cistern only and the commode doesn’t need to be changed.

Why Should I Change?

The main advantage is to save water. Old cisterns can flush around 12-20 litres of water per flush. While dual flushes will give you the option to flush either 3-5 litres or 7-10 litres depending on the design. This will give you the choice to use less water when the waste is just liquid. This can potentially save a family of four a few full-tanks of water in a month.

So What Are My Options?

Most sanitary ware brands such as Parryware, Hindware and others have dual flush PVC cisterns in their catalogue. You can get them at your nearest pipes and hardware store or you can also order online from Amazon, Shopclues and other e-commerce stores.


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