5 Reasons We Should Save Water

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    Only 1 Percent Water Is Consumable. Image Source: Wikipedia
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    97 Percent Water Is Sea Water. Image Source: Pixabay
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    Dried River Bed. Image Source: Pixabay


Can you imagine living an entire day without having a single drop of water? Or spending a few days at a stretch without taking a bath? Sounds scary, right?

Water is as essential as air for humans and animals to survive.

Why We HAVE TO Save Water

Here are the top reasons why we need to conserve every drop of water:

1. Fresh Water Is Scarce – Only 1 percent of the total water found on our planet is fresh and good to be used. The majority of the water (97 percent) is sea water and the rest 2 percent is ice, which is in the form of glaciers. One in seven Indians does not have access to clean water. The population of the earth is expected to increase by 40 to 50 percent in the next 50 years and this will add to the already stressed situation.

2. Converting Salt Water To Drinking Water Is A Problem – Converting saline water to drinkable water by the process of desalination is a very energy intensive process. Using more energy will ultimately lead to more pollution and more climate changes. It will only make the water situation worse than what it already is.

3. Our Food Needs Water To Grow – Vegetables and meat (meat sources) are all dependent on fresh water. Meat needs more water than plants. As consumption of meat is increasing, there is more demand for water.

4. Climate Change – As global warming is increasing, the weather is becoming more erratic. As a result, it doesn’t rain where it is supposed to, or even at the right time. This directly affects crops and and those who rely on it. Not just that, it also leads to an increase in prices for the said goods.

5. Social Issues – The water crisis situation has turned so severe in some parts of the world that some experts believe the next major war could be fought because of water.

Every drop of water is actually recycled on the planet, but every drop of water is not consumable. Next time you’re feeling thirsty, try to hold that bottle of water in your hand and wait for as long as you can. Makes you uncomfortable? Imagine having to live in a world where it could well be an everyday situation. Let’s #savewater let’s #conservewater

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