How Your Air-Conditioner Can Ease Your Water Woes

wasteWater scarcity is something we’re all facing right now. With some places having access to running water for only about three hours a day, it has become a race against time to fill up any kind of container with water, so that you’re not left wanting. Even if you manage to store some water, using it like a precious resource becomes an innate part of your daily life. In times like this, don’t you wish there was some way to reuse water that is so precious?

If you nodded yes, maybe we have a solution – reusing your air-conditioner’s water. How? Here’s the answer:

How Your Air-Conditioner Works

Simply put, your air-conditioner has copper pipes that have Freon running through them. The fan behind it runs and blows the cooled air into your room. But what it also does is that it causes the air to condense and drip out of the machine. This is what you see dripping out of your air-conditioner.

How You Can Use This Water

On an average, an air-conditioner that runs for about 24 hours on a hot summer day condenses about seven liters of water. That’s a lot of the precious water that can be used for several everyday activities. What’s more, this water is sanitary as it is simply condensed moisture from the air around you – just like rain.

Step 1: Connect a tube to the water outlet of your air-conditioner. You should be able to find it at the back of your window air conditioner or the outer unit of your split AC.

Step 2: Place this tube inside a bucket or vessel that has some sort of a cover on it, so that you can prevent contamination. You could even use one of those buckets that come with a lid of their own. It is essential to keep the vessel covered at all times as stagnant water could be home to mosquitoes.

Step 3: Once full, you can use this water for various purposes, such as watering your plants, flushing the toilet and even washing your car.

Now that you have this extra source of water, why not use it to your benefit? And yes, if you tried it and feel it worked for you, do tell us all about it so that we can spread the word about our real Planet Saverz!

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