#ConserveWaterMonth 5 Indoor Plants That Grow Best With Less Water


If you’re like us who’s always trying to save water (I’m assuming you do try, and that’s why you are here) or if you keep forgetting to water your plants, there’s still some good news for you when it comes to having indoor plants. For all us plant lovers who want to cut down on water wastage, there are some indoor plants that will do really fine with less water.

Here are indoor plants you can bring home now, that will grow beautifully with less water.


1. Pothos – It is a type of leafy vine and will look really beautiful in your corner area or balcony. The best part about having this as an indoor plant is that not only will it grow well without less or barely there sunlight, but it will also continue to grow well, even if the soil turns dry!


2. Succulents – Succulents are hugely popular as indoor plants because they come in a variety of designs, shapes and colours, and grow amazingly well with very less water. In fact, they are able to store water and retain moisture in their thick leaves, which means you can easily wait to water them till the soil turns dry.


3. Snake Plant – This plant with really sharp points is very popular because it is very easy to care for. Watering them just once a week is good enough to make them stay happy and healthy.


4. Begonias – These little plants look really pretty and will instantly brighten up even the smallest and darkest corner of your home. The best part, you have to wait till the soil dries out completely before watering them again.


5. Dracaena – This beautiful plant grows best in less light and very less water and comes in a variety of size, colour and design. It is a very popular and loved indoor plant.

Image source: Pixabay

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