#ConserveWaterMonth: Are You Ready To Live Without Water?


Let’s accept it – you and I are fortunate, and so are our babies and our family members. We have clean water coming easily in our homes, water that is precious, water that is life, and actually, water that is otherwise scarce. And even though you may think that you can have unlimited access to as much water as you want, take a look around you and do some reality check. For many, living without water means a daily struggle to fight and survive against the effects of global warming that we initiated. And now, those effects are coming back to bite us.

At Planet Saverz here, we’re celebrating the month of July as #ConserveWater month.

And what better way to start off the campaign than to share this beautiful and touching video by the legendary Shubha Mudgal……

*a big thanks to our regular reader Frank Prashant Pawar for sharing this video with us!

Each drop of water is precious, so let’s waste not, and want not……If you’d like to be a part of our campaign, do come back for our #ConserveWaterMonth stories and help us do more with your feedback and suggestions, as well as your personal stories about how you are helping in conserving water.

Also, if you know of any person or organization that is doing anything in this regard, do tell us about it so that we can spread the word.

Image source: Pixabay

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