#WeekendChallenge #HalfABucketBath


It’s the weekend and we’re back with another challenge for us and you to participate in!

Last weekend we had a lot of fun doing the #ReduceVehicleUse Challenge!

Since we’re celebrating July as the #ConserveWaterMonth we’d love to do a challenge this weekend that will make us use less water while taking a bath. To make it really easy, we’re calling it the #HalfABucketBath challenge – simple right?

So what exactly do you have to do? When you take a bath, use only half a bucket of water instead of more. And if you want to make it a little more difficult, you can also add the extra task of shampooing your hair, all by using that half a bucket of water, and not more.

You can participate in the challenge, tag your friends and ask them to participate. Send pictures of the bucket of water and we promise we’ll take you for your word 😉

So yes, see you soon on the other side of the weekend! 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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