#WeekendChallenge #HalfABucketBath Komal’s Half Bucket Of Saving Water


Our reader Komal Saddi Rana took up the #HalfABucketBath #WeekendChallenge that we did last weekend as part of our #ConserveWaterMonth and are we glad! 🙂

Says the lovely Komal “I use around this much water each day for my bath, as I hate wasting water. I think half a bucket of water is enough to have a nice clean bath, and unless you are shampooing your hair, you do not really need any more. I’m happy that you guys took this up as a challenge and asked people to try and take part.”

komals bucket bath

Thanks a lot Komal for sharing the pictures and for being a conscious Planet Saver! All of us here from the team are super proud of you and are happy you are doing your very special bit! 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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