#WeekendChallenge #HalfABucketBath Suprakash’s Half Bucket Of Saving Water


Image source: Author’s own

So as part of our #ConserveWaterMonth we tried the #HalfABucketBath idea as our #WeekendChallenge theme, and our in-house reuse recycle green tech champion Suprakash was super excited to try it out, obviously!

So there it is – Suprakash’s half a bucket of water that he used for a bath (and I just noticed it’s green in colour as well!).

But if you’re thinking that this is all there is to it, wait.

This is not the first time he has used half a bucket of water for a bath. In fact, the first time he tried it out, he actually used rain water to take a bath! Now that’s what talking and actually doing it yourself is all about – and he claims the water was too soothing.

The second time he did it, he also went a step ahead and shampooed, all using just half a bucket of water for his bath.

Suprakash, we love you for doing this 🙂

Here’s how I did my #HalfABucketBath challenge, and here’s how our reader Komal did it!

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