5 Simple Tips To Reduce Plastic Use

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So we did tell you some scary facts about plastic that not all of us were earlier aware of. Contrary to what we believe, plastic continues to harm us and our environment in more ways than one.

If you missed reading out about those dangers, you can read it right here. For now, if you’re wondering how you can actually reduce some of your plastic usage on a daily basis (that’s a big step you’re going to take, let us applaud you on that first), here are some effective, cheap and super easy to follow tips that you can try (pssst….we do them too).

Tip #1: Carry Your Bag – The first tip we can swear by is to start carrying your own cloth or jute bag from home each time you go shopping. Yes, you may not always plan to pick up those groceries but end up doing so, and in the bargain need to take a plastic bag. How can you avoid that? Well, try keeping a cloth or jute bag permanently in your car, or fold a cloth bag and always keep it in your handbag to use in such cases.

Tip #2: Water From Home – Like we suggested earlier, carrying water from home will not only reduce the amount of plastic bottles being bought and added to the garbage dump, it will also save you a lot in terms of money. If you’re staying in a hotel you can always fill up the bottle from the tap and carry it along (make sure you check if the tap water is good for drinking).

Tip #3: Carry Your Coffee Cup – If you really want to give it a shot, try carrying a coffee thermos or mug with you to your favorite coffee shop (and no, they will not turn you away if you do so). Not only will you avoid adding to the dump, you will also save yourself some health issues that can arise from exposure to the plastic resin which lines the insides of these cups (that otherwise look as if they are made of paper). If possible, give the straw and stirrer a miss too (unless you really need them). The same applies for food when you want to take away your lunch from the corner sandwich shop (or anything else that you’re planning to take away to eat).

Tip #4: Read Labels On Cosmetics – You probably already know that most cosmetics contain microplastics that are clogging up the environment. If your skin or beauty product has the words ‘polyproplene’ or ‘polyethyne’ in the ingredient list, give it a skip and switch to more natural products instead (you could also try out some of the DIYs from our DIY Diaries section). Also, if you want to avoid chucking your plastic razor in the dump each month, go for a regular razor with disposable blades. Of course it means you’ll create less garbage, but you’ll spend less too. Smart deal, right?

Tip #5: Cloth For Diaper And DIY Pads – Weaning your baby off the diaper can help reduce plastic usage (diapers contain plastic as a containing agent, and it takes about 500 years for a diaper to completely break down and mix up in the soil) and also help keep your baby free of diaper rash. Oh, and did we mention reducing your expenses by a marginal cost? A great alternative is to use reusable cloth diapers and help your baby potty train (here’s how Debolina potty trained her 15 month old). For your monthly sanitary pad needs, try switching to brands that do not use plastic applicators.

The amount of plastic we use today may make it seem that we cannot function without it, but in reality, it is less indispensable than we think. Try cutting it out from your life in small steps and see the difference. If you think you like the change, do let us know about it. And yes, do share your experience about how you try to cut down on your plastic use and share any tips you have.

Image source: Pixabay.com

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