5 Ways To ReUse Your Old Smart Phone (Not As Phone)


We all have that one smart phone that we grow out of and not always because it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe you loved the new model that came out, or maybe the sound quality on your phone isn’t that great anymore, and you just want to make a switch.

Each time we get a new phone we either re-sell it, or throw it out in the trash, hardly realizing what a mountain of junk we are creating out there, when we could have put these loved devices to some really cool use.

Here’s a really interesting video that will tell you five awesome ways in which you can still use your old phone, without any internet connection whatsoever.

5 Interesting Things You Can Do With Your Old Phone, Without Using It As One

1. Remote control – Download an app called I R Blaster (InfraRed Blaster) that works as an infrared remote control to control any device which you would normally operate with the help of a remote control. Once you have the app installed, you can use your phone to act as a remote control for your DVD player or any similar device where you have to switch channels, such as your television, radio and more.

2. Regular Alarm Clock – Go to the Settings, search for the Daydream mode and enable it. Next, go to the clock section and start on the digital mode and the night mode. It will help to turn your phone into an alarm clock that will function pretty much as a regular alarm clock.

3. Surveillance Camera – Download an app called Salient Eye that acts as a burglar alarm system with the help of motion detector features. The app turns the phone camera into a motion sensor and if there are any intruders moving in front of the camera, it will immediately alert you to the same by first sending you the images and then sounding an alarm.

4. As A Music Player – This is a no-brainer. You can use your old phone as your music player when you go for your runs and walks, especially in bad weather conditions, such as rain.

5. As A Map – Download the maps from Google for wherever area you are in, so that you have easy access to the same later when you move out and about. The best part is that it can easily work as an offline GPS system, so your old phone without an internet connection is a perfect choice.

Make sure you check out all the apps and read the instructions properly to understand and use them better.

I really wasn’t aware of these uses, except the music player one! And now that I do know, I’m going to try them out on my old phone that is still lying at the back of my drawer somewhere. Of course if you do try and of this, or know of more such smart ways to re-use your phone, you know where to write 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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