#BuyUsed Cookware And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint



A lot of cookware is sold in the used market, most of which are made of metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper or iron. Buying used cookware will help you save the environment, as one less of that product is manufactured for every used item you buy. Many people get bored with the same dinnerware and utensils, and you can find some of these in good condition too. Apart from metals, other crockery and dinnerware are also sold and available quite easily. Here’s what you need to look out for:

1. Glassware – If you are lucky enough, you can find really good wine glasses and other glassware at some antique and used stores. As glass breaks easily, you can find incomplete sets of new glasses at many ‘used’ products stores. If you are okay with that, it’s a bargain you shouldn’t miss. It is important to check glass for cracks. Notice carefully, as hairline cracks are not easy to spot in designer glasses. Check the surface against light for scales and scratches. Scales may dissolve in acid but scratches are extremely difficult to remove.

2. Ceramic – You can also find good quality ceramic ware at throw-away prices at most used and factory-seconds outlets. The best picks here are new pieces that are left out of dinner sets and other packets. Look for scales, scratches and the corners for cracks.

3. Metal Cookware – When you are buying metal cookware, look for scales and burns. Also, check the handles for tightly fixed screws and bents. Old stainless steel can be scratched, look for it against light.

4. Plastic – It is the cheapest option, but older plastics are better to avoid as they may not be safe to use any more. Factory-seconds and open boxes are perfectly fine.

Where Can I Find Used Cookware?

You can find them at your nearest second-hand market or on online classifieds such as Olx or Quikr. Glass, ceramic and premium metal-ware can also be found in old antique shops.

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