#BuyUsed Laptops, Tablets And Other Gadgets, Prevent E-Waste


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According to a recent report in The Times Of India, India only has a one-third capacity needed to recycle all its e-waste. You can help reduce e-waste by buying used electronics instead of new ones, and will also save lots of money in doing so. Almost every electronic item, starting from laptops, to music systems and memory cards are available online.

What Should I Check While Buying A Used Laptop And How Much Can I Save?

A four year old laptop costs around 30 percent of its original price. I recently bought a used HP laptop for INR 8000. It was INR 30000 when it was purchased four years back.

  • Check the speed by opening a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Do the things you usually do on a laptop and check if the loading time suits you. Check if you can upgrade the RAM which is the only feasible way to improve performance in a laptop. Test the WiFi, Bluetooth, speakers, camera, and all the keys of the keyboard.
  • Connect respective devices and check the input and output ports such as USB, HDMI, audio in-out, memory card reader. Check whether the touchpad and buttons are working properly. Place your hand near a vent and see if the fan is working or not. Check battery life and charger. Laptop parts are generally easier to repair than the ones on phones. A faulty keyboard costs around INR 1000, battery is generally around INR 2000 to 3000, screen is priced around INR 3000 and chargers cost around INR 1500.
  • If there’s a problem in the motherboard, find out if it can be repaired or not. Replacement is generally not worth it. Ultra-books and slimmer models are usually difficult to repair as everything is closely soldered inside. For tablets, check the touch screen and overall software experience.

USB Drives And Music Players

Insert pen drives and other USB based devices into a computer and check if files are being transferred properly or not. If there is a loose contact, avoid it. For music players like Apple iPod, play it and check the display.


When buying used printers, print several pages on it and check if it gets stuck anywhere. Printers are not very easy to repair, though experts can sort most toner related problems. If the print quality is okay, enquire about the refilling and cartridge costs and go for it. I had purchased a used inkjet printer-scanner-copier for just INR 700 (new price was INR 7000!). I have been happily using it for the last three years.

Earphones And Headphones

One problem in buying used earphones is hygiene. If you are buying used ones, clean the ear pieces using rectified spirit before using it. Check if both speakers are working or not. Also look for loose and insulation peeled off wires as these are not so easy to repair.   

Where Can I Buy Used Electronics?

First place to look for used gadgets is online classifieds such as Olx or Quikr. There are many companies which sell certified refurbished laptops and other electronics with a few months warranty.

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