Be Your Locality’s Waste Segregation Champ


You’re probably already aware of the whole waste management concept, and some of you have even started segregating the waste at home. Well, kudos to you if you’re already one of the planet savers, or are even thinking of how you can become one – there’s always a first step right?

Even as you read this, if your residential complex mixes up all the waste in the end, there’s really no point of making that big leap of segregating and managing the waste at home, isn’t it? Actually, here’s where your planet saving initiative can kick in.

Informing your building residents and coming together to form some common waste segregation and collection points are things you can try doing in your residential complex. It’s not that difficult really, and all you will really need is a few hours when you can all meet up and talk about it.

1. You can put up a notice on the common notice board area and suggest a meeting time and place in your building’s premises. Once everyone is assembled, you can explain the concept of waste management and talk about the different types of waste that are regularly created in a housing complex (dry, wet, e-waste, garden waste, bio-medical and hazardous waste).

2. There will be some who may seem more enthusiastic than others, you can always form a group with such people and be your area’s planetsaver, taking the initiative and helping and informing residents whenever needed. But remember that even as you explain the segregation and collection process to the residents, the maintenance staff in the building should also be aware of the same. Try and involve the house helps as well as any housekeeping staff about the same.

3. You can request all members to adopt the color coded garbage bin policy, where there are three separate bins for different types of waste. The GREEN bin is for wet waste, the BLUE bin for dry waste, and the RED bin is for any other waste which does not fit in the category of the GREEN or BLUE bin. It can also include bio-medical, hazardous, as well as e-waste. Once the garbage is collected from each individual apartment, it should be collected in similar color-coded bins that will hold the entire apartment complex’s garbage.

4. Some authorized garbage collector will usually be collecting the garbage from your complex, so make sure they take away the dry waste along with the contents of the red bin. For the wet waste collected in the green bin, you can turn it into compost and use it for adding a rich top soil to the garden spaces in the complex.

And while you’re trying to talk to the adults in the building, a very interesting and almost positive way to create your own PlanetSaverz gang would be to involve the kids. The bachcha party will be super enthusiastic to help, and once you’ve formed your very own gang, remember to send us the pictures so that we can share it proudly with others!

Image source: Pixabay

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