One Man’s Poop Is Another’s Food


Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

Yes, it’s exactly what you are hoping it not to be. Your poop is being used as a fertiliser! In some cases, it is used to make the vegetables that you eat. Before you go ewww, human waste is actually rich in phosphorus and hence nutritious for the soil, making it a very good fertiliser. Known as ‘Humanure’, it has been used in India and many parts of the world since the olden ages.

Bangalore Does It

Farmers near Bangalore take the human sewage collected from septic tanks of apartments and pour them into their fields. This eliminates the need for chemical fertilisers which are both energy intensive to manufacture and not good for health. A variety of crops are grown using this poop, and farmers claim that their output increases when they use human waste.

Is It Safe?

While human waste is organic, it does contain pathogens and other germs that can seriously affected health if transferred back to the food chain. The human waste needs to be composted first to make it more suitable for use in agriculture. Some experts are of the opinion that even composted human waste is not always safe and hence it shouldn’t be used for growing food. They highly recommend using it to grow flowers and other non-edible plants.

Is It A Good Idea?

Yes, it is if it is properly treated or just used for non-food agriculture. Human waste disposal is a problem and causes pollution in our water bodies – and there is no shortage of human waste.

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