#ReduceWaste #MinimalistLiving The New Way To Live In Style


There’s a trend that’s caught up quite fast of late, amidst celebrities and everyday people alike, and that’s the trend of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Of course there’s a reason it’s catching up big time. For starters, it’s a great way of spending less money and piling on more things in your home than you really need, or have space for (which is a very common problem amongst modern apartment residents). The next best part about living a minimalist life is that it also helps to reduce the amount of waste we generate, which means, we end up sending less stuff to the dump yard. So obviously it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Yes there have been people who have suddenly realized they have accumulated too much clutter in life, and end up giving it all away. Don’t worry, that is definitely not what I’m asking you to do here. However, there are certain small changes you can try out that can help you buy less, spend less, and also reduce wastage. Check out these easy ways to live in style, with a minimalist living.

1. Make Note Of Your Home And Storage Area – Understand how much space you have in your home and how much of that you want to fill up with things. Many of us tend to create more storage spaces in order to fit in more things. While right now you already have certain areas of your home filled up, there will be some things that will soon wear out, for instance, your clothes. Once those clothes are gone, make a mental note of how much space you want to keep free in your wardrobe, so that you know exactly how much to buy.

2. Declutter And Give Away – Go through your things and see what are the things you have not used in the past three to four months. Pack it all up and keep it away for another entire month, and see if you can keep on living without those items. If the answer is yes, it most likely means you don’t really need all that. A good way to make better use of those things instead of just keeping them stashed away is to give it to charity, so that someone can really use it.

3. Shop Sensibly – Always always and always shop with a list. Even when you do so, just when you are planning to pick up something, ask yourself the crucial question, “Do I really need this now?” If you took some time to answer or if the answer is a clear ‘No’ you can avoid making that purchase.

4. ReUse Wherever Possible – Before throwing away something or bringing in a replacement, see if you can reuse it in any other way. For instance, hold on to things that you can turn into fun art and craft projects, make your own décor items at home, try fixing your old or damaged things to get more use of them.

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