#ReUse Shoes Can Be Repaired Almost Infinitely – Don’t Throw Them Away Yet


Image Source: Pexels

The one item that can be repaired on all parts is perhaps only the shoe. I have actually never returned back from my cobbler hearing ‘these can’t be repaired any more’. I have had all five of my shoes repaired by him; some have been to him twice. And it doesn’t cost much. Most of my shoes have been fixed for INR 20 to 50. This includes a flip flop’s snapped strap, tear between sole and body of a canvas and another flip-flop’s outer and inner sole separation. One cobbler had replaced the entire base sole of a pair of my formal shoes for just INR 150. Some of these shoes are 3 to 6 years old and are still going strong.

Cobblers can easily stitch and glue snapped straps from flip-flips and other fancy shoes. Beads and other decorative stones on shoes can easily be glued using powerful adhesives such as araldite. One shoe store person told me they can even replace the entire top cover of shoes and make them look like new. Cracked heels and stilettos can also be repaired. If the sole has become slippery after frequent use, rub the surface using sandpaper or something sharp and rough to un-polish the surface.

How To Protect Shoes From Wearing Out

  1. Keep shoes in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  2. Don’t keep shoes in the open, too much dusting and cleaning can spoil them.
  3. Dry wet shoes immediately by keeping it in a slanting position under a fan. You can use a hair dryer too.
  4. Keep your shoes clean. Moist and dirty ones can lead to growth of micro-organisms.
  5. Apply a water repellent spray on your shoes during monsoon.

Where Can I Repair My Shoes?

Apart from your neighborhood cobbler, there are professional shoe repairing and conditioning stores in some cities. ‘Shoe Laundry’ is one such chain where you can really pamper your favorite shoes.

Bottom line, do not throw away your shoes. Reuse after repairing at a fraction of a cost and help reduce waste. If you are bored of it, repair and give it to someone.

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