Mumbai Gets Solar Powered Bio Toilets Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers


Image Source: Agasti LinkedIn

Mumbai gets its first share of bio-degradable toilets that are powered by renewable energy (solar) and made out of used metal shipping containers. These public toilets made by Agasti, a social enterprise, are completely self-sustainable. The solar power is used to provide lighting inside the toilets and to decompose the waste. The toilet unit does not need a sewage pipe or electricity connection, but only needs a water inlet.

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has set up two such toilets at Teen Hath Naka on the Eastern Express Highway. One of them has been made exclusively for women. This came after the Bombay High Court said that there were not enough public toilets in the city and the municipality should build more.

How It Will Help

Urinals and water closets have been retrofitted inside a cargo shipping container. This will be extremely useful for highway commuters, particularly women. The toilets will be also be used as community toilet, and the one which is exclusively for women will have also have a restroom where women can sit, relax or nurse infants.

One of the toilets will be chargeable (INR 5) and the other will be free. Depending on the response, the authorities are planning to put up 12 more such toilets on the highway, near slums and settlements where people do not have access to basic sanitation. Such toilets could help reduce open defecation by truckers and to initiate better hygiene provisions, one is being put up at Mulund checknaka on LBS Road.

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