STOP – Don’t Throw These In Your Garbage Yet #ReUse #ReduceWaste #DIYDiaries


Wait, take a moment before you toss that in your bin. Did you know that all those things you thought were useless could actually be turned into something useful for your home or office? So wait, stop, and don’t throw these things in your garbage yet, coz we’ll tell you what you can create out of so many things you thought were a waste.

And if you have kids at home, maybe you could turn these into fun weekend projects with the younger ones.

1. Oversized Or Unused T-Shirt – We all have those old and oversized clothes at the back of our closets, especially those comfortable and nice t-shirts that we never really wore. Well, if you do have that at home, instead of cutting it up into a rag, you could turn it into a fun summer dress. A pair of scissors, some fabric glue and a little ability to follow instructions is all you need!

2. Old Tins, Gum Boots, Spare Tire, Hardcover Books, Bicycle Wheels – Wondering what could be a common use out of all these ‘waste’ items we’re talking about? Well, with a little fun DIY trick, you could now use all of these to create some stunning garden pieces in your home! Don’t believe us? Try out the #DIYDiaries tutorial now.

3. Old Used Clothes – The good thing about clothes is that the more you use them, especially the cotton ones, they turn softer and more comfortable. So instead of throwing them away or giving up as simple rags, you can now turn them into reusable baby wipes, that will be free of any harmful chemicals and will be super soft on your baby’s skin too.

4. Empty Plastic Bottle – Now, now, there is so much you can do with an empty plastic bottle that we always have separate DIY articles on how you can use an empty plastic bottle. But for now, why not use one to create an automatic watering system for your plants, especially if you always forget to water them? Helps to reduce waste and not to mention, takes good care of your green friends too.

5. Old CDs – Again, there is a lot that you can do with old CDs (and most of us still have a bunch of these lying in the house, not sure what to do with them). As Ganesh Chaturthi is nearing, help your kids use old CDs and make some beautiful Ganesha art using the same.

These are some of the most common waste items we have in our homes, so for now, try them out. And I promise I will come back with more 🙂 And hey, in the meanwhile, if you’ve tried to create anything out of a ‘waste’ item, do share about it here.

Image source: Pixabay

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