4 Reasons CO2 Will Kill You


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Carbon dioxide, commonly referred to as CO2, is actually a non-toxic gas, which is invisible and odourless. It is the gas that is released by humans and other animals while breathe out, and which plants breathe in. But did you realise that this non-toxic CO2 can one day kill you?

In the entire atmosphere, CO2 constitutes of just 0.04 percent. It was all fine, until industries, power plants and automobiles started pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, which led to the increase in CO2 levels. Before the industrial revolution, CO2 was at 270 parts per million. Now it is at 400 parts per million, and still increasing.

Five Reasons CO2 Will Kill Us All

Here are the top reasons why increasing levels of this non-toxic gas can spell doom for life on earth:

1. Global Warming – The biggest problem with CO2 is that it is a greenhouse gas, which means it doesn’t let the heat of the earth escape out into the atmosphere. This causes rise in temperature. Increase in global temperature causes disturbance of weather, erratic rainfall, snow and others.

2. Melting Ice Caps – Ice takes less space than water. Rise in temperature due to CO2 concentrations is making the ice from the polar regions start to melt. This in turn is causing a rise in sea levels. If not checked on time, it won’t be long before many low-lying areas and island nations will immerse under water and millions will lose their homes and lives.

3. Acidic Oceans – Higher levels of CO2 means that more of the gas gets absorbed in ocean water. As a result, it leads to an increase in the acid levels in ocean water, creating severe negative impact on the marine life. If you eat seafood, it means that the sea creatures affected by the acidic ocean are the ones you are going to eat.

4. Effect On Plants – An increase in CO2 concentration causes protein damage in crops. Food crops such as soy bean need more pesticides when the levels increase, which can directly harm the environment as well as our health.

Trees are the only natural way to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The best way to ensure that CO2 leves are in check is to plant more trees, and at the same reduce production of CO2 by switching to greener technologies.

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