How Pigeons Have Started Coming Back To Our Neighborhood


Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

Growing up, it was common to see pigeons sitting on parapets and walls of most tall buildings around our house. But in the last few years, there has been a huge drop in their numbers and for some time, I wasn’t seeing any on most days. Loss of habitat due to cutting of trees, climate change and poaching are few reasons why we are seeing fewer birds. Recently though, I am noticing that the pigeons have started to come back. The reason – food.

How Can Birds Come Back In Urban Areas?

My aunt has been spreading simple food grains on our terrace for birds to feed on in the morning. Yes, you can visualize Amrish Puri in DDLJ doing so 😀 This simple way has actually made birds come back to our area. Now it has become a routine for the birds to come to our terrace at the exact time every single day.

What Else Can Be Done?

I also noticed that there was a small tub lying on our terrace that had been filled up with water due to rains. This had been attracting a few birds too. You can place a wide tub or container under a place where rain water falls most and this will help in birds such as pigeons and crows coming back to your place. Also do not cut off trees.

Are Pigeons Important?

Yes, pigeons help in controlling insect populations. They also help in dispersing seeds as they eat and excrete them in other locations, and it is noticed that the soil where they poop is more fertile. And come on, isn’t it a soothing to see birds around you?

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