Can Biodiversity Save Fish From Climate Change?


As our ecosystem goes through massive climate change, it creates a lot of impact on the various species of fish. When the ocean waters start to warm up, there is a change in the ideal temperatures for the fish to thrive in. As a result, some species may die, while some try to move away to different areas.

Not only does it impact the fishing community, it also leads to an imbalance in the entire marine life of that particular area.

The temperature of the water has a direct impact on the body temperature of the fish. If the water starts to heat up, or get warmer than it should be, it can cause various issues in the fish species, which could interfere with their reproduction, growth, swimming pattern and overall behaviour.

According to some new data released from studies, it was found that the solution to help fish from the effects of climate change could lie in biodiversity.

The study, conducted as part of a survey called Reef Life Survey, looked at more than 3,000 species of fish in over 44 countries all around the world. Researchers feel that areas that have a vast number of fish species will be able to handle temperature changes better than areas that have a lesser number of fish species.

Image source: Pixabay

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