#ConserveWaterMonth Why We Need To Protect Our Oceans Urgently


Our oceans are our life source when it comes to create a balance in the ecosystem and keep us all happy and alive. We may not realize it yet, but there’s so much our oceans do for us, besides providing those delicacies on our dining plates.

So here’s a quick look at what all the deep blue waters are doing for us and why we really, really need to protect them.

1. Regulates The Climate – Most of the radiation generated by the sun gets absorbed by the ocean. In the water bodies that are situated near the equator, the ocean acts as a huge natural solar panel that retains the heat generated from the sun. Once it absorbs this heat, it then spreads it around to other parts of the world, through the process of evaporation. As the water from the ocean evaporates, it creates humidity and heat in the areas that are located near the oceans. The chain leads to formation of clouds that bring in rain. In fact, almost all the rain that we receive originates from the oceans. It also helps to form air currents, transporting heat from the tropical regions to the cooler ones and the cooler air from the colder areas to the warmer ones.

2. Seafood – Fish and other marine animals that we eat are a big storehouse of proteins. In fact, they form the major food staple in various cultures around the globe. Some of the healthiest fish you could eat are salmon (good for the heart, improves memory, boosts mood, good for the joints, improves vision) [1], sardines (prevents heart ailments, reduces blood clotting, protects against cancer, reduces age-related macular degeneration, healthy bones and immunity, powerful antioxidant) [2], mackerel (boosts immunity, protects against cancer, good for the heart, improves brain functions) [3] and tuna (very good for the health of your heart) [4].

3. Boosts Economy – Ocean-based industry is one of the major revenue generators for cities that are located next to the water bodies. Industries such as travel and tourism, fishing, transportation, recreation, seafood distribution, seafood chains and restaurants and more are dependent on the ocean for their sustenance. Shipping related to the ocean accounts for almost 90 percent of the world’s trade.

4. Medicinal Use – Marine animals and plants help create biomedical products that have very significant health and medicinal benefits.

Of course the ocean helps us in many ways, but these are the four most important ways in which it creates balance for us. There are a lot of ways in which we can reduce the harm we’re doing to our oceans, starting from taking care of how we throw our waste and how much we throw, to using more natural ingredients instead of chemical ones.

We’ll come back with more on that, so make sure you keep dropping by.

Image source: Unsplash


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