Here’s How Much Energy India’s Largest Solar Park Can Get You



The Kamuthi solar park, setup by Adani Group in Tamil Nadu, is the largest solar park in the country. It has been partially commissioned now and is the largest in terms of output, even with the partial commissioning. 360 MW of clean solar power has now been connected to the grid, while a total of 648 MW is planned.

Charanka in Gujarat has the country’s first solar park where a number of small projects by different developers have been set up. It produces 345 MW of solar power today. This was the largest solar power park before Kamuthi came online.


Five different solar projects will be built in the Kamuthi solar park, and Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation will purchase the power for 25 years according to an agreement for INR 7.01 per kWh. This tariff is on the higher side considering recent bids of around INR 5 per kWh. With renewable energy getting a huge push in the Indian market, prices are being driven down. Recently, the lowest value on the reverse bidding process on a project based in Rajasthan was INR 4.34 per kWh. These low prices have made solar power competitive with dirty coal power.

Image source: Pixabay

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