How Your Waste Could Be Killing You!


Recent findings have suggested that living near a landfill can increase your risk of suffering from lung cancer and other associated respiratory diseases.

The study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, found that people living within five kilometers of a landfill are most at risk. It showed that people who live near these sites have higher mortality rates and were hospitalized more often due to lung cancer and other respiratory ailments – which was found to be especially prominent in children.

The study found that inhalation and exposure to Hydrogen Sulphide, endotoxins, microorganisms and aerosols above a certain level, that were released during the process of waste collection and land filling, were to blame for these ailments.

While it may not be possible to move out of your home in order to negate these risks, it is possible to make small changes in our everyday lives so as to reduce the amount of waste produced, manage waste more efficiently and protect our environment.

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