180 Plastic Bottles Made This Stunning Dress


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Even as we try to figure out what to do with our old plastic bottles, of course there are lots of fun DIY activities to do with old plastic bottles, this industrial designer from Spain came up with an interesting idea of using old plastic bottles to make something new.

Rosa Montesa wanted to find a way of using the waste that was created by her, as well as by those she knew, and give it a new life. Thus was born the idea of making a stunning dress and matching accessories made out of used plastic bottles.


Image source: www.recicladocreativo.com  

While making the dress was easier, the designer said she found it more difficult to gather the materials. After creating various items from trash, she took ten days to make a dress out of 180 plastic bottles she collected from her own as well as others’ waste. Out of the total 180 bottles, 70 were plastic water containers, 5 were blue plastic water bottles, 25 were pink plastic water bottles and 60 were green sparkling water cans.


The designer made the flowers out of the bottles and containers and used them on the skirt. For the bodice, she used the upper part of the base of the bottles. By cutting the bottles really small, she made fragments that she then used to create the image on the dress, as well as use to make a matching colour combination on a discarded pair of shoes (that the designer’s daughter is wearing along with the dress).

For the glitter parts she used the insides of the empty packets of baked potato chips (as they are made with less oil). The lace comes from an old blouse and is reused beautifully here.

*The story originally appeared in HuffPost Spain.

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