#GreenShopping 5 Must-Have Products from Green The Map – The Upcycling Indian Store


image source: brand website

Yes, I said shopping, and I also said green shopping, which means that all the products that you will find with this brand called Green The Map are really good for the environment. How? Well, the brand is one of the first and probably only upcycling store that creates stunning products out of waste! So, when you shop with them, not only do you get to buy these exclusive pieces that are available only through them, but you also help to keep a lot of waste away from the landfill. Also, as these products are made out of used products, it saves a lot on resources that are otherwise wasted on creating items from the start.

So without further ado, here are five products that I absolutely loved on the site, and that I think you will love too. And hey, we are not being sponsored by the brand, but just loving the concept, so sharing 🙂

And by the way, unlike what you may think, they are really, I mean really, easy on the pocket (I would know, especially as I am always looking and shopping for new and similar items!).


image source: brand website

1. Kagaz Black Trail Jhumkas – Can you guess what these stunning jhumkas are made of? Yes, if you read the name, you got the answer – they are actually made of kagaz, or, paper! What do I say about these now, you can wear these with your Indian as well as western wear to add that feminine charm and grace. Absolutely in love!


image source: brand website

2. Swechha Mother Dairy Pouch – The moment I saw this, I remembered my growing up years (as well as adult years) in Delhi, when we would buy these packs from the Mother Dairy milk booths. Such a nostalgic item. And as you can already guess, though the quality and the finished product looks nothing like it, the pouch is made of recycled Mother Dairy milk packaging, lightweight foam to help the padding and waste cloth pieces. Need it!!!!!


image source: brand website

3. Swechha Beer Clutch – I never imagined the beer I love so much and the cans I throw away so carelessly could lead to this! This???!!!!! It’s a stunning pouch made out of upcycled beer cans that comes with enough space to carefully hold your money, your coins as well as cards. Need it, will get it!


image source: brand website

4. Swechha DevaKanya City Tablet Sleeve Tyre – Could you ever imagine that the inner tube of tyres, brass studs and empty jute bags could lead to this? I am still looking and falling more in love with this one, the pouch that you can use to carry your tablet in, but alternatively, also use as a travel pouch, or cosmetic bag, or anything for that matter!


image source: brand website

5. Swechha Patch Leather Bag Colorful – I love huge handbags, and I have a ton of them at home, but honestly, this was the bag that made me first check the site for Green The Map, because I just had to know how to get this upcycled patchwork bag! I can keep looking at it and falling more and more in love with it, every single moment! There is something so beautiful in the mix and match concept of this style, that uses scrap pieces of leather from various previously used items.

If you have already shopped from the brand before, do let me know about the experience and if you want to go back for more! 🙂

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