Bangalore Is Less Polluted, Thanks To This Man


Founded by Sanjay Krishnan, Lithium Technologies is a cab service provider based in Bangalore that offers its passengers the chance to ride in an electric vehicle. The company’s cabs have already covered thirty lakh kilometers without any emission within nine months of starting operations.

While it started off with only ten cabs that did a basic pick and drop service for corporates, today the company has almost 200 cabs, each of which travels a distance of 200 to 300 kms each day. Imagine how much emission these cabs are helping prevent on the routes they cover! If you want the numbers, it would mean about 60,000 kms each day of no emission, no usage of non-renewable fuel and complete pollution free travel.

A first of its kind, Sanjay Krishnan understood the importance of launching a green transport alternative at a time when global warming has almost reached its peak. His concern was that when you run a cab service, the amount of environmental pollution you generate is huge. The idea behind starting Lithium was to negate the cost of fuel as well as not add to any more pollution.

The company’s tagline says ‘Tomorrow’s Technology. Today.’ All the drivers go through a thorough background check and are trained in various safety and security apps, along with being given training on how to drive better.

Here is a video where you can listen to Sanjay Krishnan talk about what prompted him to star an electric cab service.

Image source: Pixabay

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