Donate Your Garbage To GreenCiti And See Your Waste Help Someone


Did you ever think that what you look at as garbage and promptly throw out of your home or office could actually be something important for the society as a whole, and of course for the environment? We all call the local kabadiwala (raddiwala) to take away our used items such as paper, metal, wood and such, but what happens then? What if you could ‘donate’ your garbage and see your waste actually help someone?

Interesting isn’t it?

That’s what the concept of GreenCiti is based on, who are working as the real planet savers.

What They Do

The group collects and sustainably uses the waste in collaboration with various rag pickers, garbage collectors, bulk scrap dealers and recyclers. They also carry out workshops in housing societies, malls, corporate houses and other such places to inform people on how they can properly and easily dispose of their waste in an eco-friendly manner and why it is so important. Whatever garbage is collected, the team then makes sure that it is recycled or reused, wherever possible.

  • They will give you similar rates for your waste as your local raddiwala
  • They will help to dispose the garbage and waste in an eco-friendly way
  • You can ask for a pick-up based on your convenience and order it online
  • In exchange of your garbage you can enrol in reward programs and also get free eco-friendly gifts

Helping The Society Through Your Waste

Not only do they take care of your waste and use it effectively, they also:

  • Make sure all their workers and garbage collectors get benefit to government health schemes
  • Provide them with safe and hygienic work environment
  • Assist them with monetary reward programs
  • Help in education facilities for their kids as well as help them with social security

Types Of Waste You Can Give

You can give them all of the following types of waste:

  • Newspapers, papers, magazines, notebooks, books, comics, similar paper based items
  • Aluminium, brass, tin and iron items
  • Plastic waste such as containers, pet bottles, bins, toys and more
  • Old TVs, ACs, desktop, laptop, mobile, tapes, radio, camera, video games and more


  1. Helpline Numbers – +91-8097479747, +91-9594949333
  2. Email –
  3. Website
  4. Located In – Bhandup, Mumbai

Image source: Pixabay

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