14 Celebs Who Endorse And Practice Eco-Causes


It’s Earth Day 2016 and yet another day to talk about the three very important R’s – refuse, reduce, reuse.

And hey, it’s not just us trying to find ways in which we can reduce waste, prevent resource depletion and come up with solutions to re-use. While we’re doing it in our own small ways, here’s how some environmentally conscious celebs are actually taking the cause further. If you thought they were good only on screen, check out their real-life acts that are way more inspiring and commendable!

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

In 1998, the Oscar winning actor founded The Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation, which works towards protecting the last remaining wild spaces on Earth by asking for more humanitarian measures. The foundation works alongside grant making, campaigning and other media initiatives to discuss the condition of the environment as it is now.

2. Penelope Cruz

The actress has been driving a hybrid car and encourages others to do so as well. In fact, she started a campaign where celebrities can drive to the Oscar event in a hybrid high-end car instead of ones which use fuel.

3. Maroon 5

Known for their powerful performances on stage, the band travels in a tour bus which is powered by biodiesel. They also promote the benefits of recycling at their various concert venues and share a chunk of their profits with the environmental charity called Global Cool that works in collaboration with entertainers.

4. Rahul Bose

The actor is known as much for his work towards various humanitarian and environmental causes as much for his thought-provoking movies. He founded the Group of Groups, an organisation with 51 charitable organisations and NGOs in Mumbai. He’s been actively involved in the Narmada Bachao Andolan, which is a social movement involving farmers, tribals, environmentalists as well as human rights activists who protest the building of large dams across the Narmada river. The river flows through the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

5. Gul Panag

The actress is involved in a number of charitable and humanitarian activities, and is actively involved with the project Green Comandos, a citizen initiative that helps to save the environment. Gul Panag has in the past collected used computers to help re-use them up in various village schools. She’s also actively involved in promoting as well as installing various solar and rain water harvesting systems.

6. Neha Dhupia

The actress has actively participated in various campaigns that work at preserving the environment. In addition, she has also adopted vegetarian food practices to go the whole green way.

7. Ian Somerhalder

He founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to help engage people about the environment, energy and habitat. His organisation funds various global conservation productions, encourages the youth to help the environmental cause and promotes awareness about deforestation.

8. Miranda Kerr

The actress is the global ambassador for Earth Hour and as part of the global environmental initiatives, urges people to switch off lights for a specified time. She started a challenge called “I Will If You Will” and helped the Earth Hour campaign reach almost two billion people in about 135 countries. She also founded the organic skin care line Kora.

9. Drake

The rapper tours in a bus which runs on biodiesel and uses catering and cleaning supplies that are strictly biodegradable.

10. Jessica Alba

The beautiful actress and mom co-founded The Honest Company that helps deliver plant-based and all-natural baby diapers, as well as household cleaning supplies that are entirely toxin-free. All products are made with organic materials and are completely recyclable or renewable. She also collaborates with other environmental groups.

11. Adrian Grenier

The Entourage star co-founded a website called SHFT which helps people to read and watch about eco-friendly activities as well as helps them shop for all eco-friendly products. The website aims to make its consumers more environmentally aware and adopt easy lifestyle choices that will help them go green.

12. Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel is the goodwill ambassador for the UN Environment Program and has started the Clean Water Project in her hometown. She promotes water harvesting models as well as encourages people to plant native trees.

13. Dia Mirza

She was felicitated with the IIFA Green Award in the year 2011 for her efforts at creating awareness about various issues related to the environment. She is also the Eco Brand Ambassador for Panasonic.

14. Cate Blanchett

The actress and her husband have turned their home into a solar powered zone. As co-artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company, they also plan to turn it into a green zone and power one entire theatre season with the help of natural energy.

With so many inspiring tales, it’s easy to see how going green is not as difficult as it sounds. We just need to start with one small change, any change, which will help the environment, and help us.

Are you ready to start that change? We are, and we have – now we’d love to hear your stories too 🙂

Image source: Pexels

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