5 Eco-Friendly Celeb Parents We Love


As part of our Earth Day story, we told you about 14 eco-friendly celebrities. Today, we’d love to talk about a few celebrity parents who are doing their own bit in spreading the green word and practicing it as well.

1. Natalie Portman – The actress shared a video showing how you can save energy by changing a light bulb as well as reverse the effects of greenhouse gases. She has also done her bit by helping mountain gorillas and co-hosted a documentary called Gorillas On The Brink. In fact, her engagement ring was made of recycled platinum and an antique stone!

2. Alicia Silverstone – The actress has published a book called The Kind Diet and has her own website where she talks about green parenting and ways to live a greener and ‘kinder’ life. She has also launched her own line of eco-friendly makeup, tools and makeup bags.

3. Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie – The celebrity parents founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which helps various initiatives that work towards wildlife conservation and protecting natural resources. Brad Pitt founded the Make It Right Foundation which helped to create environment-friendly and affordable homes for those who were affected by the hurricane Katrina, as well as helps make sustainable homes and building spaces all across the globe.

4. Edward Norton – The actor founded the non-profit organization Solar Neighbors. Each time a celebrity buys a home solar system through the organization, it donates one to a needy family.

5. Tom Hanks – For years now, the adorable actor has been campaigning about the importance and need for alternative energy and fuel. Not just that, the actor also owns an impressive collection of electric cars that he proudly drives around.

We love these celebrity parents who aren’t just talking about the importance of being eco-conscious, but doing something meaningful in their own way as well. If you’re one such parent, we would love to hear your story as our champion planet saver 🙂

Image source: Unsplash

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