Pinatex, The New Way To Make Leather Products From Pineapple Waste!


How many times have you enjoyed a pineapple and discarded its waste into the bin? Or ordered for a pineapple based dish and forgotten all about the pineapple waste, such as its rind and waste? Did you ever realize that, maybe, all this while you were just throwing away some amazing products as you threw the pineapple waste away? And do you, like so many others, love leather products?

Think purses, bags, sneakers and think pineapple waste – makes sense?

No? Yes!

Check out this new technique that makes leather, well, out of pineapple waste. Not only is it a completely cruelty-free alternative to making and using traditional leather, it is also extremely eco-friendly as it is biodegradable, and will not leave behind any harmful residues.

The idea has been given form by Spanish designer Carmen Hijosa, who invented a material known as pinatex. The designer got her inspiration from the Filipino manufacturing process of garments that involves leaf fibres. The product that results out of this technique can be easily pressed into any type of shape without the risk of breakage or cracking, thus making it extremely flexible to use and customize.

Here is a quick look at the video that shows the designer using the technique.

The fabric does not involve the use of any pesticides or fertilizers and requires no extra water as well. Also, the good part is that it is a more cost-effective alternative to more expensive leather products. While pinatex has already come into existence for a couple of years now, the merchandise will be more readily available in different parts of the world soon. So make sure you keep an eye out when you want to make a leather purchase the next time.

Image source: Pexels

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