5 Eco And Budget-Friendly Sites You’ll Love


When it comes to shopping for eco-friendly products that are as good as any other product you get in the market, there are various sites and stores you could choose from. While the more well-known names have started selling eco-friendly items, there are a few sites that you may not be aware of.

Not only do they sell organic and naturally balanced goods, they are also priced very sensibly, ensuring you do not have to spend a bomb to go green. So here’s my pick of five eco-friendly sites that have an amazing collection of products and are happy on the pocket too.

1. EkoTokri – The main idea behind this site is to make daily need products in an eco-friendly way, using eco-friendly products. They have a host of products such as foods, including organic vegetables and fruits, grains, cereals, oils, pickles, sugars, baby food, teas and coffess, makeup, skin and hair care, massage and essential oils, creams, clothes, solar powered toys, DIY kits, stationery, electronics and many more. You can find them at ekotokri.com

2. GreenKins – The brand’s tag line says ‘Eco-chic lifestyle for kids.’ It offers a range of natural and organic products which include organic clothes, eco-friendly and recycled toys and gifts, non-toxic natural art supplies, bath time essentials, décor items, books, health shakes, party items and such. You can find them at greenkins.com

3. Green The Map – The site is the fair trade space of the Delhi based social organization Swechha and aims at providing products that are fashionable and useful, along with being sustainable and clean. They aim at making the best items out of waste, and their products are either recycled or upcycled. They work with scrap dealers and waste collectors and use items such as milk and chips packets, tyre tubes, juice cartons and any such things that are waste and not biodegradable. You can shop for a host of products such as accessories, home décor, stationery, clothing, skin and hair care, natural foods and more. You can find them at greenthemap.com

4. Giskaa – The online store offers a range of eco-friendly and natural lifestyle products sourced from different parts of India. Many of their products are made by hand, and the raw materials as well as the means to procure them are all done in a very nature friendly and traditional way. The brand prides itself at creating natural and organic products while preserving Indian traditions and culture. You will find a host of products such as home décor, fragrances, bags, clothes, jewelleries and accessories, wholesome organic foods, bathing needs and hair and skin care. You can find them at giskaa.com

5. Natural Mantra – The brand brings you a range of natural, healthy, organic and ayurvedic products that make sure whatever you buy is pure and contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients. They have a range of health care needs including Ayurvedic medicines for various illnesses and ailments, face, hair and body care items, bath essentials, fragrances, teas, coffees, food items, baby care products such as bath, hair and skin needs, cloth diapers, room décor, toys, baby cutlery, home décor essentials, cleaners, candles, essential oils, clothes and accessories, yoga wear and yoga bottles. You can find them at naturalmantra.com

With so many amazing products to choose from, we’re sure you’ll have an interesting time browsing and trying them out. Once you do that, do share a review with us and help spread the word.

Image source: Pixabay

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